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Retheaming Ubuntu – Part 2

Last time we I covered the themes that were common to all users on a PC – machine specific themes. Themes applied this time will only affect you, but will compose your main experience with Linux. There are three components that define a desktop theme. The window borders, window contents, and icons.

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New theme online: evenflow-intelmac – grub/usplash/gdm

Just a quick announcement that the theme seen in the preview is now finished. Link. The usplash theme only supports Ubuntu Intrepid and there still appear to be some issues with widescreen support in Usplash.

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Virgin wireless broadband with Ubuntu notes

Under Ubuntu-8.10 two changes are needed for Virgin wireless broadband USB adaptors to work with NetworkManager. First is that NetworkManager does not save chap/pap settings. This is a NetworkManager bug. But it can be fixed in /etc/ppp/options: sudo sed -i ‘s/#-chap/-chap/’ /etc/ppp/options This will disable chap authentication globally for all connections that do not override […]

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Retheaming Ubuntu – Part 1

The default look of Ubuntu can sometimes be a bit off-putting for a new user who is used to the flashy looks of OSX and Vista. And to customise the look of Ubuntu from boot to desktop can be a daunting task for new users. From boot time there are three main themes that you […]

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