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Setup notes [ubuntu]: nginx + upstart php-cgi

Quick setup guide for serving php pages with nginx on Ubuntu Goal: serve phpmyadmin from the local machine from /opt/phpmyadmin answering to the domain http://phpmyadmin.local/ Used in this guide: Ubuntu 11.04 nginx 0.8.54 php5-cgi 5.3.5 phpmyadmin 3.4.5

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CSS Callout Tooltips

Feeling inspired by the Chris Coyier article on triangle breadcrumbs ( I could see lots of potential for the css triangles. I’ve lately been a sucker for the power of css, and trying to limit the number of images used. So lets get started at building the tooltips without a single image.

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CSS3 imageless gradient buttons

Jay posted some great looking buttons over at Anomaly: To follow on from there I have updated (hacked) the example to use CSS3 gradients instead of images. Unsupported browsers fallback to solid colour backgrounds. I am not using these examples in the wild. They need a lot more polish before being released. Image fallback could […]

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