Setup notes: nginx + wordpress multi site


  • Your domain name
  • Extra domains if your also using extra domain mapping in wordpress
  • file_root: Path to your wordpress install

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Setup notes [ubuntu]: nginx + upstart php-cgi

Quick setup guide for serving php pages with nginx on Ubuntu

Goal: serve phpmyadmin from the local machine from /opt/phpmyadmin answering to the domain http://phpmyadmin.local/

Used in this guide:

  • Ubuntu 11.04
  • nginx 0.8.54
  • php5-cgi 5.3.5
  • phpmyadmin 3.4.5

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CSS Callout Tooltips

Feeling inspired by the Chris Coyier article on triangle breadcrumbs ( I could see lots of potential for the css triangles.

I’ve lately been a sucker for the power of css, and trying to limit the number of images used. So lets get started at building the tooltips without a single image.

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CSS3 imageless gradient buttons

Jay posted some great looking buttons over at Anomaly:

To follow on from there I have updated (hacked) the example to use CSS3 gradients instead of images. Unsupported browsers fallback to solid colour backgrounds.

I am not using these examples in the wild. They need a lot more polish before being released. Image fallback could be added back in for example. It was just to show examples of how the CSS3 gradient buttons look and function in Firefox and Chrome.

Button code:

<a class='button'><b class='o'><b class='m'><b>Button</b></b></b></a>

Results in various browsers:

Check out the example code at:

– Karl

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nginx + mongrel + redmine – quick setup notes

My quick setup notes for nginx as a frontend to a mongrel redmine server.

This is intended for situations where redmine needs to be served in a subdirectory via a nginx that is also used for other serving needs.

Some basic prerequisite knowledge of nginx and redmine will likely be needed.

Instructions are tested on redmine-svn and Ubuntu-9.10.
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