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OpenLDAP TLS with wildcard domain certs

After the last post on the OpenLDAP trouble I had, I’ve continued trying new things with it and can confirm that wildcard domain certificates do succeed with OpenLDAP. When creating the certificate request enter for eg *.example.com in the common name field and you can then use the one certificate on all servers that fall […]

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Notes on ubuntu-8.10-serverguide-openldap

After deciding to learn to setup OpenLDAP yesterday I realised it was more than a days work, and that the documentation that I thought was going to be the most suited for my platform left a lot of holes for the beginner. I also had a firefox window with all the sites I used as […]

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Dlink DWA-110 + Ubuntu 8.10 = Happy Customer

Just a quick note for anybody looking to see if this Wireless (802.11b/g) USB adaptor works with linux before purchasing. I purchased one from Dick Smiths last night plugged it into my (Ubuntu-8.10 powered) laptop and was up and running within seconds. Signal strength and speed are fairly industry standard. Cost AU$50. I probably could […]

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Alfresco setup in Ubuntu 8.10 with git

Alfresco My goal was to install Alfresco in Ubuntu-8.10 and store the Alfresco install and config in git excluding the application data in such a way that I am able to checkout my Alfresco git repo on a new Ubuntu install and have Alfresco running immediately. This turned out to be fairly easy and makes […]

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Retheaming Ubuntu – Part 3

Last in the series of retheaming Ubuntu is application customisation. While the desktop themes you use change the way you see your desktop and can make or break the your desktop experience, the applications you choose to use also play just as large a part. The applications determine the way you interact with your PC. […]

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