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Alfresco setup in Ubuntu 8.10 with git

Alfresco My goal was to install Alfresco in Ubuntu-8.10 and store the Alfresco install and config in git excluding the application data in such a way that I am able to checkout my Alfresco git repo on a new Ubuntu install and have Alfresco running immediately. This turned out to be fairly easy and makes […]

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Creating JeOS virtual machines in Ubuntu

The two tools I use for creating new vm’s with libvirt are virt-install and vmbuilder. I use virt-install when I will be installing an OS from installable media or using an existing disk image, and vmbuilder when I need to create JeOS based vm’s. After following the guides at I ended up with two […]

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Retheaming Ubuntu – Part 3

Last in the series of retheaming Ubuntu is application customisation. While the desktop themes you use change the way you see your desktop and can make or break the your desktop experience, the applications you choose to use also play just as large a part. The applications determine the way you interact with your PC. […]

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Retheaming Ubuntu – Part 2

Last time we I covered the themes that were common to all users on a PC – machine specific themes. Themes applied this time will only affect you, but will compose your main experience with Linux. There are three components that define a desktop theme. The window borders, window contents, and icons.

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New theme online: evenflow-intelmac – grub/usplash/gdm

Just a quick announcement that the theme seen in the preview is now finished. Link. The usplash theme only supports Ubuntu Intrepid and there still appear to be some issues with widescreen support in Usplash.

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