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Setup notes: nginx + wordpress multi site

Substitute Your domain name Extra domains if your also using extra domain mapping in wordpress file_root: Path to your wordpress install

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nginx + mongrel + redmine – quick setup notes

My quick setup notes for nginx as a frontend to a mongrel redmine server. This is intended for situations where redmine needs to be served in a subdirectory via a nginx that is also used for other serving needs. Some basic prerequisite knowledge of nginx and redmine will likely be needed. Instructions are tested on […]

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Iptables packet flow diagram

Here is the diagram I keep stuck to my wall for reference when dealing with iptables. I cannot remember what site I used as a reference when creating the diagram. The original was an ascii chart though. This is created in dia and exported to pdf too. Both attached for convenience. CC licensed as long as the original […]

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Installing Debian Lenny on my DNS-323

I finished upgrading my Dlink DNS-323 to Debian Lenny today. I followed the instruction at: The install took quite a while, I selected the standard package list. Then because it gets quit hot here in Griffith I really wanted to have fan control back, so instruction here were also followed. As I wanted to […]

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Review: Liferay Portal 5.2 Systems Development

Life Portal 5.2 Systems Development Author: Jonas X. Yuan Pages: 552 Publisher: Packt Publishing Rating: 9/10 ISBN: 1847194702 Summary: A Java developer’s guide to developing custom intranet systems, based on Liferay’s platform As one of only a few books on advanced Liferay Portal development Jonas had a LOT of material to cover. My two weeks […]

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