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Alfresco setup in Ubuntu 8.10 with git

Alfresco My goal was to install Alfresco in Ubuntu-8.10 and store the Alfresco install and config in git excluding the application data in such a way that I am able to checkout my Alfresco git repo on a new Ubuntu install and have Alfresco running immediately. This turned out to be fairly easy and makes […]

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Creating JeOS virtual machines in Ubuntu

The two tools I use for creating new vm’s with libvirt are virt-install and vmbuilder. I use virt-install when I will be installing an OS from installable media or using an existing disk image, and vmbuilder when I need to create JeOS based vm’s. After following the guides at I ended up with two […]

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Windows XP p2v conversion with KVM

After all of the Windows and Linux virtual machines I have setup I decided to try a Windows p2v (Physical to Virtual) conversion. After bracing for the worst it ended up being fairly straight forward. Steps as follows: Create a disk image of sufficient size Copy the Windows HDD to the disk image Boot the […]

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PostBooks install tutorial for Ubuntu Linux 7.10

PostBooks is an excellent cross-platform commercial open source ERP / accounting software suite. These are my old instructions from installing PostBooks in Ubuntu-7.10. This document will give you setup instructions for installing PostBooks from scratch. Ie, no previous install of postgresql or PostBooks on the system. You will need to read between the lines if […]

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