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Plone 3.2.2 on Jaunty with python sandbox

It seems that a lot of python2.4 support was dropped from Ubuntu 9.04 Jaunty. Support which without Plone would not run. I started recompiling python packages to bring back python2.4 builds, but this was turning into a slippery slope and would bring back problems if any python package was updated from Ubuntu again. Solution: Use […]

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OpenLDAP TLS with wildcard domain certs

After the last post on the OpenLDAP trouble I had, I’ve continued trying new things with it and can confirm that wildcard domain certificates do succeed with OpenLDAP. When creating the certificate request enter for eg * in the common name field and you can then use the one certificate on all servers that fall […]

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Notes on ubuntu-8.10-serverguide-openldap

After deciding to learn to setup OpenLDAP yesterday I realised it was more than a days work, and that the documentation that I thought was going to be the most suited for my platform left a lot of holes for the beginner. I also had a firefox window with all the sites I used as […]

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Zabbix update

Zabbix is growing on me more and more now. I dont think the learning curve is any worse than Nagios or Cacti, it’s just different. I am using zabbix-1.6.2 to auto-discover devices across two sites. Mainly snmp devices and zabbix-agent devices. Everything else gets lumped into the workstation catagory unless specified otherwise. I can monitor […]

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Making Zabbix progress

Warning! Bias rant follows. I’ve been struggling to find a perfect solution for server monitoring for a while now. At the moment it’s a combination of nagios and cacti plus ipmitool. And recently I have also looked at / tried opennms, zenoss, ganglia, argus and munin. Nagios + cacti has been serving me well, but […]

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